Life Video

By Luke Kenton

This is the emotional moment a 10-year-old boy sees colour for the very first time, thanks to a pair of ‘miracle’ glasses.

Facetiming his family at home in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, little Xavier McCoury is about to receive the early birthday present of a lifetime, as his decade of seeing only shades of grey, white and black, will soon be coming to an end.

Staring at the mystery box excitedly, the baseball enthusiast begins shredding the package apart when his aunt Celena reveals that it holds the ‘special glasses’ that will allow him to see colour, that he’s been hoping for.

As soon as he places the glasses on his face, the tears begin to stream down from his eyes as the rich colours of blue, green and yellow of his environment finally reveal themselves leaving mum Melissa to hug him.

Melissa said: “It’s impossible to describe how much this moment meant to him and the whole of our family.

“We all felt like we had just witnessed a miracle, seeing something we’d all hope for, for so long unfolding before our eyes was just unbelievable.

“As a parent, all I want to see is that my kids are happy, and seeing him cry tears of joy was the greatest feeling.

“He never wants to take the glasses off now, he’s completely fascinated by everything around him.

Diagnosed with a monochromatic colour deficiency, just like his grandfather, Xavier had never known what the ‘red, white and blue’ of the American flag truly looked like or the colour of strip of his favourite baseball team.

But now, after putting on his specially designed EnChroma glasses, Xavier can vividly see the colours of the world that surround him and Melissa didn’t hesitate in making up for lost time.

Melissa said: “We brought out several of his favourite things to show him, such as a baseball, a flag and a helmet, because previously he had no idea what they truly looked like.

“I realised when he was about three that he was colour-blind as he wasn’t picking up on any of his colours or distinguishing between them.

“Generously his aunt Celena offered to get them for his birthday, after discovering EnChroma glasses last year.

“Thankfully they worked and now there are so many firsts for him.

“He’s a huge sports fan so we took him to his first baseball game followed by a firework display, the other night.

“It was an amazing experience for us all.”