Animals Video Viral

By Lucy Notarantonio


A cheeky chihuahua has found himself a forever friend who is more than happy to act as a chauffeur, bed and stool.

The Great Pyrenees Labrador mix, Ben, 10, offers little Tim a shoulder to lie on and a head to stand on when he is snooping for snacks.

Their owner Jenny Leech, 52, who is a marketing manager was supposed to look after Tim for a short while in 2016 but after a strong bond formed between the little pup and Ben, she couldn’t give him back.

It seems Tim likes to give his little legs a rest by catching the Ben bus to get from A to B.


Jenny, from Chicago, US, said: “I have a soft spot for fostering senior dogs or those with special needs, Tim was the first puppy we have ever fostered.

“After one month, I turned to my husband Scott, 53, and said ‘looks like we are keeping him’ as Tim snuggled up to Ben.

“They have been inseparable ever since, it is lovely to see how patient Ben is when Tim is climbing all over him.

“They have a unique friendship and for some reason Tim likes to travel on Ben’s back, I assume his legs get tired quick or maybe he just doesn’t want to leave his best buddy.

“Tim finds comfort in Ben as he is fluffier and bigger so the perfect pillow for him to rest his head.

“They also make the perfect tag team as Tim uses Ben’s head to climb up onto the table to try and get the left over foods or to simply get involved.”

Jenny was surprised to find so many people online love their friendship as much as she does as their Instagram account ‘bigbentinytim’ boasts 19.5k followers.

The mum-of-three adds: “I think people can see themselves in Ben and Tim as they have completely different personalities but are the best of friends.

“Tim craves attention and touch and I think his over the top personality finds balance in the Zen of Ben.

“Ben has the biggest, kindest heart of any dog I have ever met and it is amazing to see how great he is with little Tim.”