By Niamh Shackleton


A mum of two found herself having to dye her hair every two weeks to keep on top of her grey roots coming through, but has now embraced her natural colour and feels so much better for it.

Karin Lanini Arthofer, 44, from Sutton, South London, grew tired of having to constantly colour her hair after starting to go grey at just 30 years old – so bit the bullet and embraced her silver hair.

Karin, co-owner of a cosmetics company, said: “I’ve officially been dye free since 2015 and I’m not going to lie, it was a difficult decision to make!

“I loved my brunette hair and had been dying my hair since I was 17 – that wasn’t to cover my greys though, just to make my hair colour shinier.

“At first, my family weren’t hugely supportive of me embracing my grey but despite this I decided to keep going and embrace an healthy life style.

“I didn’t care about trend and what people thought, I just did it and I’m really glad I did.”

Karin, who’s now been boasting her silver hair for four years says she’s often surprised with the compliments she receives.

She said: “I’m always shocked when people say nice things about my hair – my colleagues at work even call me a ‘silver fox’ which I find quite funny.

“Most days someone will compliment me on the colour of my hair and even younger people stop me and ask what hairdresser I go to that does my amazing colouring – they don’t believe it’s natural!”

Whilst Karin found the transition between brunette to her natural grey hard, she said she’s happier than ever now that she did it.

Karin added: “I’m now so happy and liberated that I have embraced my silver hair.

“I actually feel younger now with grey hair than I did with brunette – especially when I see the pictures of me before.

“It’s a really great time to have silver hair because it’s trendy at the moment – I was so surprised that on Instagram when I found lots of other women like me embracing their natural colour, as well as women dying it grey on purpose.

“Sure I looked far better in my 20’s, but who didn’t?

“When I ditched the dye, I could never fathom what was hidden beneath all that colour but today I am beginning to see the new me.

“I admit that it took some time to get used to and as I have told was a big challenge but I am less likely to leave skid marks in the driveway and dash to the hairdresser.

“Societal perception of greying is obsolete; not only is it OK, it’s sexy!”