Amazing Animals Nature Video Viral

By Kristiana Hall


A group of chimps were left scratching their heads when meeting a tortoise for the very first time.

The meeting of minds happened in august 2019 and the hilarious video shows three chimpanzees knocking, pushing and peering into the shell trying to discover who’s inside.

In the video, one of the chimpanzees hilariously pushes his face as far into the shell as he can but the motionless tortoise keeps his cool and remains incognito.

The video was taken by Morane David, 36, a zookeeper currently based in Guinea, who snapped the video when the chimpanzees were being taken on a bush walk to explore their environment.

Morane said: “The nurse group’s bush excursions allow them to discover their environment, learning important information that will be indispensable to life in the bush.

“While on their daily bush walk with their group, Missy and Ali met a terrestrial turtle and were quite scared of it, especially Ali.

“Missy on the other hand was very intrigued, but still not very sure of herself.

“We decided to move the group along to leave the poor tortoise in peace.”

Morane managed to get this footage whilst currently volunteering with the Chimpanzee Conservation Centre in Guinea.

Morane said: “The Chimpanzee Conservation Centre is a sanctuary that rescues and rehabilitates orphan chimpanzees that have been victim to the illegal bush meat trade and illegal trade of babies.

“The chimpanzees in this video are all orphans and are currently being rehabilitated at the Chimpanzee Conservation Centre.”