Offbeat Video

By David Aspinall


A daredevil kitesurfed on a Vespa 95 FEET in the air hoping to set a world record.

Guenter Schachermayr is obsessed with setting world records and on September 14, he decided to step things up near on Lake Wolfgang, Austria.

Sat on a specially modified scooter, the extreme athlete is pulled along the lake by a 380hp speedboat before soaring into the sky reaching speeds of 60km/h.

After reaching a height of 95feet, Guenter travelled the 75metres across the surface of the water before coming back down to earth with a splash.

Guenter said: “Being the first person to reach this height on a Vespa was just breath-taking.

“After two years of training, it just feels so good.”

His first attempt at the record was scuppered however, as the scooter weighing in at 145kg proved too heavy to lift off.

Despite the successful second attempt, when the Vespa crashed down to the water, it suffered irreparable damage.

Guenter has submitted the video and pictures to Guinness to have the record ratified.