Amazing Nature Video

By Jack Mobley

A serene Arctic scene turns to chaos in moments as this huge isolated iceberg began to crack and eventually crash into huge blocks of ice.

Nicola Bayes was on a photo expedition in eastern Greenland on September 8 when the incredible iceberg crashed.

Nicola began recording on her phone moments before bedlam hit the peaceful waters as small pieces of ice drop into the still waters before the echoing cracks begin the fall.

A landslide of ice tumbles down into the water, causing chaos amongst the passengers on the boat.

The water settle but moments later, a second phase of destruction causes the iceberg to be reduce to nothing more than a floating rock of ice with a piercing turquoise stripe through it.

Nicola said: “Firstly I couldn’t believe I had my phone on video at the exact moment it happened, it was without doubt one of the most incredible things I have ever seen.

“I think initially everyone was on a high.

“However, once we had a moment to comprehend the size of it and saw the wave coming there was certainly a degree of panic.

“As we all rushed to get in up some steps, rather than be on the steps as the wave hit myself and a couple others got down low to the side of the ship and held on fortunately the wave subsided.

“The sound for me it was the thunderous sound that I remember most, especially in contrast to the total tranquillity before and after.

“In the end there was a stunning piece of ice with a beautiful turquoise stripe through it and a lot of debris.”