Animals Video Viral

By Mollie Mansfield


A doting animal lover has released footage of himself bravely rescuing dogs from a Cambodian slaughterhouse.

In May this year, Michael Chour, 49, flew to Cambodia in hopes to rescue as many dogs from a slaughterhouse as possible to halt the process of the dog meat trade.

During his visits the rescuer, from France, was able to save a total of seven dogs from death – encouraging the slaughterhouse to close just one week later.

The footage shows Michael’s courageous rescues during the month and devastatingly pictures poor the dogs piled into cages with little room for movement and in a state of shock.

Michael hopes that by sharing this footage it will encourage others to educate themselves on the dog meat torture trade and contact their government to put a stop to it.

Michael, the funder of the Sound of Animals, said: “I felt mixed feelings about this rescue – I had saved seven dogs from a terrible fate and felt like this was a small victory – but I know I have saved thousands since the slaughterhouse was shut down.

“The family who owned this house had been torturing and killing dogs for generations.

“In Cambodia, there are approximately five million dogs tortured to death every year – this slaughterhouse that closed tortured and killed around 200 dogs a day.

“I kept this establishment under observation for days and nights and saw turned away crates of dogs, destined for slaughter, over and over again.”

After spending so long rescuing dogs in Cambodia, Michael explains that the killing methods are some of the cruelest he has witnessed.

He said: The dogs are transported and kept in tiny cages to the point of not being able to move, denied food and water for days, treated barbarically, hit with metal poles if they bark, or cry, cages thrown on the floor, resulting in broken bones and internal injuries.

“The dogs are usually placed where they can witness their companions being tortured and killed. The dogs are usually petrified, shaking with fear, urinating, defecating and vomiting on each other.

“They are then tortured to death, which can last from a couple of minutes to five minutes, depending on the methods used.

“This slaughterhouse cut all four of the dogs joints, prior to being thrown in a pot of boiling water, so they were boiled alive, to death.

“The joints were cut in order to stop the dog escaping the pot of boiling water.

“The idea they have, is the more a dog suffers the better the meat, they believe the meat has health benefits, and increases libido.

“This is why people need to do anything they can to stop this happening.

“Luckily, this footage shows a happy ending and I’m so glad that I could save these dogs – but there’s many out there who aren’t as lucky.”