Animals Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto


An adorable cat has bonded with a bunny his owner rescued, and the two are now inseparable.

Milton Torres, from Austin, Texas, found a rabbit on the side of the street in late August and decided to take it home.

Little did Milton know that the animal would immediately become friends with kitten Cinemark, who has been with Milton for eight years and who is also a rescue pet.

Cinemark and the bunny, who Milton named Curbie, are now inseparable and spend most of the time cuddling up together and playing around the house.

Milton, who is a salesman and publisher, said: “I am pretty sure Curbie was abandoned because he is not a wild rabbit and he’s also potty trained.

“I was driving by and I saw him on the side of the street, he wasn’t moving and I didn’t even know if he was alive.

“I made a u turn and found that he was okay, probably just terrified.”

According to Milton, the friendship between the two started as Cinemark likes to ‘clean’ other animals up with his tongue.

Milton said: “Cinemark loves cleaning other animals and Curbie doesn’t mind having him do that, so I think that’s how their friendship started.

“They spend most of the time together, sometimes they also cuddle up together before sleep.”