Amazing Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane

This drone footage follows cars effortlessly drifting around a race track with adrenaline-pumping shots.

FPV drone pilot, Steele Davis was at the iconic racetrack, Road Atlanta in Georgia at the Gridlife South event to capture the action.

The drone footage closely follows the cars as they tear around corners, screeching smoke from the tyres.

From Mustangs to Mazdas the high performance cars slip and slide across the tarmac  at 90mph while the drone dances around the vehicles, matching the speeds.

Steele said: “I am getting up close and personal with professional drifters in their element.

“It’s very difficult but like anything time and practice make it less difficult.

“It feels pretty stressful and fun.

“As I am trying to get certain cars and certain shots in a very limited window of time.”