Life Video

By Lucy Notarantonio


An adorable toddler is unpleasantly surprised when she discovers a corn on the cob is not a lollipop and looks terrified to give it a try.

Shauneen Fitzsimons, 25, from Belfast, was left in hysterics when her daughter Connie, 18 months, pulled a series of disgusted and scared faces when offered a KFC corn on the cob.

The beauty therapist believes Connie felt betrayed by the corn as she assumed it would taste like sweets which is why she goes on to call one of her five a day ‘bad boy’.

Shauneen said: “It is so funny because she loves corn from a tin, I think she thought the corn on the cob was going to be a lollipop or ice lolly as it is on a stick.

“It shocked her when she tasted the opposite to what she was expecting.

“Everyone in KFC was looking at her and laughing because her reaction to the corn was just priceless.

“When she called it a ‘bad boy’ we couldn’t stop laughing, she is so funny and loves to be the centre of attention.

“The video has had over 200 likes on Facebook, everyone thinks it is hilarious and I am happy that she has managed to brighten up so many people’s day.”