Animals Nature Video

By Jamie Smith


A jungle cat has tried to attack his mirrored reflection after thinking it’s a rival.

Mark Fernley set up a camera trap and placed a mirror in the Amazon rainforest in Las Piedras River, Madre de Dios, Peru, as part of a Mirror Image Stimulation Study which looks into whether jungle animals recognise their reflection.

The footage shows the jaguar trying to attack his ‘rival’ by jumping up the mirror and a puma roaring at the ‘opponent.’

Mark, a data analyst said: “The study shows self-recognition is not present as the big cats scrape marking around the mirror – this is a way to show the reflection, or in their case another big cat, that it is their territory.

“The vocalisations and mild aggressive contact with the mirror show us that the Jaguar is frustrated and is showing signs of territoriality to the other male in the mirror that gives us great data for our Mirror Image Stimulation Study of competitive recognition of neo-tropical cats.”