Animals Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A unique therapy session allows people to hold tiny, adorable Rabbits that fit perfectly into the palm of a hand.

Adriana Post, 28, is the CEO of Blue Clover Rabbitry, based in Kent, Washington, which homes a host of adorable Holland Lops, which are the smallest of the lop-eared Rabbit.

Ranging from just a few days to a few weeks hold, the tiny bunnies are snuggled on a daily basis and fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, which makes them the perfect company for the weekly bunny therapy sessions that take place at the Bun Mansion

Adriana said: “Animal therapy is truly a thing and it’s so calming and relaxing to hold such a small baby bun in your palm and watch them sleep.

“We also do Bunny therapy with the elderly and that is probably the most rewarding activity I do with the Bunnies.

“Rabbits are an exotic animal and while they are cute and snuggly while they are babies, their behaviour can change as they go through their hormonal stage so we want to educate the public beyond a cute Instagram photo or video.”