Animals Life Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto


This is the heart-warming moment a young boy was surprised with a tiny puppy after saving his spare change for almost 18 months to buy one.

Xander Mellor, six, from Springfield, Illinois, received an incredible gift when his grandparents visited his house on September 15.

According to mum Natalie Ellenburg, 25, the six-year-old had been saving every bit of change he had for over a year and a half in the hope of getting a puppy.

When finally, the tiny dog was placed in his arms, Xander could not contain his excitement and immediately burst into tears.

Natalie, who is a supervisor at Bob Evans, said: “Whenever I got back from work, I’d empty my pockets and him all the change left from the day.

“However, he did not know he was going to get his puppy so soon as I’d told him we needed to fill one more jar.

“This is the first puppy we’ve ever head, and we’ve named him Marshmallow, Mello for short.