By Jamie Smith


With anti-government protests dominating the news in Hong Kong for the past 100 days, one photographer and his friends are staring death in the face to show a different side of the city-state.

Elvis Ma, 23, captured these images of friends scaling rooftops and from iconic locations such as Victoria Peak, which overlooks the city, to show the metropolis in a new light.

On why he started rooftopping, Mr Ma explained: “When I started photography, I was always try to find new spot or rooftop to explore.

“I love to find different angle in the city.

“Rooftopping is not that common in Hong Kong but it has brought me a new life and it pushes me to my limit all the time.”

However, while it started out as thrill-seeking, his work has taken on a deeper meaning.

Hong Kong has been gripped by long-running protests, initially against a proposed government bill which could have seen Hongkongers suspected of crimes extradited to mainland China.

While technically a part of the China, Hong Kong is an independent administrative region, with its own government and laws.

The bill has since been shelved but that has failed to stem the protests, which are now calling for full democracy and at times have seen violent clashes between dissenters and law enforcement.

Mr Ma is looking to change the world’s perception of his home city by showing Hong Kong as the global city it is.

He added: “I shared these photos because I want to show what my home looks like.

“No matter the outcome of the protest, Hong Kong still is our home.

“I hope Hongkongers can cheer up despite the protests and people from across the world will care about Hong Kong too, as our city is one of the best in the world.”