Animals Video Viral

By Niamh Shackleton


An adorable Jack Russel Terrier has learnt how to ride horses all by himself.

Pooch Charlie, who’s now four, has learnt how to ride a horse after watching his owner Imogen Moon, 25, from Stanton By Dale, East Mids, from since he was a pup.

Imogen has captured footage which showcases the pint sized pup on the back of horse Smartie as the pair casually ride along together.

Imogen, a freelance photographer, said: “I’ve always been in to horse riding so Charlie has always around the horses as he’d come to work with me all day from when we first got him.

“He used to be small enough to tuck in my jacket and go for ride as well.

“Funnily enough, Jack Russel’s apparently used to be bred to fit into lady’s jackets whilst hunting, so I guess it’s in his genes to be comfortable on horseback.

“Eventually Charlie got too big to fit in my jacket so he used to sit in front of me, then one day he kept trying to get up on his own so I lifted him up, then the horse he was on starting following me and next thing you know Charlie was riding by himself!”

Imogen bought Charlie back in 2015 when she went looking for a dog, fell in love with Charlie and bought him off the breeder the very same day.

She added: “I only went to have a look and ended up finding the nearest cash machine and taking him home.

“I didn’t have any blankets or anything! There were two puppies left; Charlie and another female pup.

“The girl was so quiet and then there was Charlie running around their lounge like a right nutter and I couldn’t resist!”

Four years on, Charlie is extremely comfortable around horses, despite them towering over him, and enjoys a leisurely ride on a weekly basis.

Imogen added: “Charlie rides Smartie at least once a week, but he’d do it every day if he could!

“I love the relationship they have and the reaction’s they get off people.

“If we’re out and about, people driving past always smile and laugh and think he’s super cute.

“When I tell people they generally don’t believe me until I show them videos!

“It always gets a positive reaction because you can see how happy he is up there.”