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By Jack Mobley


Only 5,000 black rhinos exist in the wild but this incredible footage show two brutally face off against each other.

Captured in Namibia at the Etosha National Park, tour guide, Rocco Talia witnessed a de-horned black rhino bully another rhino in November 2018.

The encounter begins with the two edging toward each other before the de-horn but larger rhino increases the aggression.

The lager rhino was able to topple the beastly mammal and continues its assault around the waterhole, eventually managing to chase off.

Rocco said: “In this video is a dehorned adult black rhino at waterhole in Etosha National Park.

“While relaxing it was suddenly approached by a young black rhino.

“The young rhino was extremely lucky because the elder rhino is dehorned thus it didn’t kill him!”

The horn was removed as an initiative from the Namibian government, to protect the endangered species.

In order to deter poachers away from killing the rhinos, the horns are removed in a humane way.