Life Offbeat

By Hannah Phillips


An ultimate millennial has rescued 500 avocado stones to keep as ‘PETS’ – and planted them all inside her two-bedroom flat.

Australian eco warrior Marissa Hush, 27, from Sydney, decided to fight climate change in her own way by taking the unused seeds from cafes and transforming them into trees by potting them in plastic cups she finds in the street and on beaches.

Marissa, who lives in Quy Nhon, Vietnam, for eight months of the year, describes caring for the seeds as like having an animal – and has committed to looking after them despite it taking up to 15 years for an avocado tree to grow.


The swimming and English teacher said: “When I arrived in Vietnam, I started to collect every avocado that I ate. Then I suddenly decided I wanted to grow 500.

“They have avocado smoothies over here which are really delicious. I was sitting at a café one day and I saw a lady with a massive bag of scraps and avocado seeds and just asked her if I could have them.

“I just kept going back and getting more and picking up plastic cups from the street. I ride my bike to work so I would stop to collect them and people would give looks to this strange lady going through garbage.

“It’s a bit like having a pet – I water them, I change their water and every morning I probably spend one hour with them.

“I love them so much that when I type in avo on my phone, the love heart emoji pops up. I love them so much I have 500 of them.

“I love them so much I made my English class write about how amazing avocados are. It turns out the kids didn’t love it so much.

“We have enough space in the house luckily, so my housemate doesn’t mind.”

Incredible photos show avocado fanatic Marissa’s home full to the brim with sprouting avocado plants on every available surface.




And despite it taking up to 15 years for an avocado tree to fully grow, and she plans to raise them until they are ready to be planted.

Marissa said: “With my life in Vietnam I have a lot of free time so I want to put my time to use.

“One day they will grow up to be beautiful oxygen providers, they will be able to provide for a family. We definitely need that in the world.”

Every Sunday, the singleton takes part in a beach clean-up with her friend and housemate, Maverick, where they collect plastic cups to house the avos.

Marissa is now on a mission to rid the world of plastic straws and carrier bags and plans to take her avocado trees to local cafes in exchange for them becoming more eco-friendly.

She said: “I came to Quy Nhon because my best friend was living here and I got very into environmental things.

“He gets the community together to clean up beaches.

“We have been cleaning up an island which is a fishing village but Asia being Asia, it is hard because it’s very populated but we want to do our bit the time we are here.

“People should say no to straws to plant the spark in business owner’s minds.

“A lot of bars are scared to stop using straws because they think people won’t like it, so if people say they don’t want a straw they’ll know people don’t mind.

“These are small changes everyone should make, which do make a difference.

“My family love what I do and its spread among my friends – now they send me photos of their shopping with no plastic.

“Countries like New Zealand have started taking action, they’re planting thousands of trees and it’s so important with everything that’s going on in the Amazon.”


Marissa’s avo journey can be followed on her Facebook page, @Avo Happy Planet