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By James Somper


A dog and a pair of kittens have formed an unlikely bond after the faithful pooch became a “mum” to the kittens – and has even started NURSING her feline children.

Daisy, a one-year-old Beagle, has become best of friends with nine-week-old kittens Fletcher and Dexter – so much so that the trio sleep in the same bed together and are guarded by the faithful pooch.

The bond between them is so strong that owner Jane Whitton, 36, says that Daisy has even started nursing the two kittens and is producing her own milk for them.

The publishing subscription manager from Staplehurst, Kent, said: “Daisy is basically like their mum.

“They’re best friends, they spend all of their time together.

“If any other dog goes near the kittens Daisy gets really protective and will get between them.

“She’s their protector and surrogate mum.”

Jane originally intended on only getting one kitten but said her heart strings got the better of her.

She said: “The farmer where the kittens come from didn’t want to keep them but wanted to find homes for them with people he knew.

“We were originally just going to get Dexter who’s ginger.

“But when we went to get him we could see this little black kitten at the back all on his own.

“My heart melted. We thought ‘sod it’ and decided to get him too.”

Jane added that the bond between Daisy and the two kitten’s began as soon as they arrived at their new home and that Daisy now nurses them.

She said: “We told the kids and Daisy to be gentle with them as they’re so tiny but she’s just instantly taken to protecting them.

“If our other dog runs at them she’ll get them into the middle.

“They’ll sleep with her and and she’ll sniff them over to make sure they’re OK.

“Recently she’s even started producing her own milk and nursing them which is pretty extraordinary.”

Jane predicts that the bond between Daisy and the two cat’s will only deepen as time goes on.

She said: “It’s lovely to see, it’s very sweet. They’re best friends, we’re saying that as they grow up they’ll see her as her mum and friend.

“They’ll run around the living room playing hide and seek with her under the sofas.

“I think it’s the beginning of a lifelong friendship.

“I like to think that whilst at moment it’s quite a maternal love.

“I hope that as they get bigger it will always remain a close friendship and they’ll continue to play and sleep and have fun together.”