Animals Video Viral

By David Aspinall


A naughty dog tore a puppy training manual to shreds.

When John Lagunes II came home from school to see his dog Rev in Los Angeles, California, on September 10, he did not expect to see the carnage before him.

Scanning his living room floor aat the piles of torn paper in front of him, he spotted something very ironic on the carpet.

Zooming in, it turned out his six-month-old Border Collie/Welsh sheepdog cross had torn a dog training manual called ‘Zac George’s Guide to a Well Behaved Dog’ to pieces.

John said: “Until this day, we have had major progress with training.

“He knows the basic and some more advance tactical training such as guard, follow, and get down.

“As I had school that morning, he had to wait for his normal morning at the dog park, which he wasn’t happy about this.

“I was just upset that he had been so anxious and energetic that he destroyed my book.

“I am very conscious of how much exercise he needs but this morning he just had to wait because of my schooling.”