Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto


This is the shocking moment three reckless daredevils jumped from a moving train into a river.

Connor Arthus, 20, from Vienna, Austria, filmed the adrenaline junkies standing on a train which was speeding over a bridge moments before they jumped into the river below.

Despite the height of over 20 metres, the daredevils, who wish to remain anonymous, managed to land feet-first and were all uninjured.

Connor said the three were riding a local subway train in Vienna.

Connor said: “My friend had ‘surfed’ on this train before and just thought, why not jump into the river next time?

“Some people noticed them climbing over the train but nobody did anything, one bystander even waved at them.

“They had dived in that spot before and made sure it was deep enough, so nobody was injured.”