Life Video

By Randal Coombs

An unsuspecting mum took a video of her and her new fiancé instead of taking a selfie to celebrate getting engaged.

Nick Arpin had just proposed to then-girlfriend Gina in Annapolis, Maryland, when the pair decided to commemorate the magical moment with a selfie to send to Gina’s daughter Grace.

With the camera turned the right way, unfortunately 56-year-old Gina inadvertently presses record and starts filming.

Unbeknownst to both her and 58-year-old Nick, her phone then captures Gina constantly getting annoyed at the angle and lighting.

After just under a minute, Gina gives up on trying to get the perfect picture and says her sister Jennifer will be able to alter the picture.

Gina said: “We wanted a picture to remember the evening but could not get a good one!

“We asked our server and the hostess but we thought we looked so old.

“So, I kept trying to get one but I could not figure it out.

“Jennifer is my sister and she is great at altering pictures.

“After this, I told my fiancé that if we see any young people walk by, we should ask them.

“A group of twenty somethings walked by and we asked them and they got it! We looked pretty good for two old folks.”