Life Offbeat Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith and Dilantha Dissanayake


A pensioner who has spent £100k on failed inventions says he’s eureka moment is coming.

With a whole catalogue of inventions, ranging from brooms with interchangeable brushes and indestructible staves to a cricket glove with added protection, Bill Vale, 82, from Tamworth, Staffs,  isn’t giving up on becoming the ultimate inventor.

After spending £100,000 on over six different inventions, Bill believes his latest inventions are the best so far.

Bill, a divorced father-of-two and grandfather-of-five said: “My desire to invent things started at least 20 years ago.

“I make my ideas at home, and if I knew what to do with them after I’ve made them, I’d be a very rich man.

“I may have had some bad luck, but one day I’ll make my fortune.

“I’ve almost died four times throughout my life due to various different things, but I’m here for a reason and I just need someone who can show me how to get my ideas used.”

Yet, for some peculiar reason, Bill is yet to quite break the various markets – despite throwing thousands into getting his ideas off the ground.

He first spent his precious pounds on a rake – intended to push him into the profitable UK golfing industry.


Yet Bill’s rake –  used for spreading sand in the bunker – is designed to be picked up by the golf club itself – to save someone who might struggle from bending down.

It’s baffled Bill for years as to why this one hasn’t taken off – and the former restaurateur and caravan park owner was gutted when he was left £12,000 out of pocket after spending the sum on a machine to make them in the first place.

Bill said: “My dad always told me when you go into business, you shouldn’t trust anyone.

“I didn’t listen but I did learn the hard way.

“After the rakes, I bought into a business that created boxes for external gas and electricity meters.

“I put in £40,000 with no paperwork, and then three months later they told me they were going bust.

“I bought the machine they used to make them from the company for another 10,000 and figured I’d try to get it going again.

“I ended up spending another 25,000 trying to do that – but it didn’t work out.”

Bill wasn’t done yet with ideas however, and moved on to different ventures.

A state of the art tax disc holder seemed a perfect solution – until the tax discs were stopped in 2014.


The divorcee added: “That was £4,000 straight down the spout.

“I thought the usual ones get quite tatty, but my own has kind of pot handle at the back to make inserting the disc easier.

“There’s even a space to put a charity’s name on the top.

“When I think of the money I’ve spent, I do often wonder where it all came from.

“Because I don’t remember making that much to start with.

“My venture now is a new safety holder for bonfire sparklers.

“I don’t want to reveal too much, as I’m sure it’s my best invention yet and I don’t want the idea to get nicked.

“Kiddies can get burnt with sparklers and I’ve seen them flinching.

“This will take away all that worry of being burnt because their hands are underneath.”


When made aware that non-spitting, safety sparklers are already on the market, along with other holders, Bill’s quick response was: “All of my inventions are better than anything that’s been done before.

“I just need someone who can pitch them right for me.”

Bill’s determination is certainly something to be admired, and Bill firmly believes it’s just a question of when one of his many inventions will be picked up.