Animals Video

By Joe McFarlane


A man and his dog regularly visit a gym in order to perform adorable trust jumps.

Whenever Minh Duc Vo, 32, hits the gym, he always has company in tow, as Reginald ‘Reggie’ Sharon, the three-year-old Miniature Aussie Bulldog joins Minh in order to work up a sweat.

While working out in Perth, Australia, the pair regularly prove a dog truly is man’s best friend with Reggie leaping from boxes into the loving arms of Minh.

Showing the level of love and trust between the pair, Reggie has become a welcomed member of the gym’s Minh frequents.

Minh said: “The gym owners are dog lovers. I brought Reggie in when he was eight weeks old and they fell in love with him and ever since he has been very welcome.

“Reggie loves the gym environment and the people that come with it, and their dogs.”

With Reggie’s daredevil antics starting from a young age, the gym opened up ample opportunities for the daring doggo to perform higher jumps.

Minh said: “Reggie started jumping off things when he was a puppy. One day, I egged him to jump off a very low box and up into my arms and he did it and he was showered with praise.

“We just continued to do it because it was funny. Without any thought, his jumps started get higher and higher.”

Nowadays the just are more about trust than adrenaline for Reggie.

Minh said: “Reggie will never jump without a command and only into someone’s arms who he trusts. There are a very few people he will jump into.

“It takes both the owner and the pet to understand each other and then the fun begins.”

Regardless of Reggie’s reason for jumping, he always gets a big reaction form the adoring crowd.

Minh said: “99% of the time the reaction to the videos are of love, positivity and joy.”