Offbeat Video Viral

By Hannah Phillips


A train driver who claims he’s been followed by spirits since he was a child claims he was possessed by a murderous ghost during an investigation at a haunted prison.

Adam Clark, 30, from Shroud, Gloucs, began ghost hunting in July this year to try and find an explanation for weird, unexplained experiences he believes have blighted him since his primary school days.

During an investigation at the haunted former Shepton Mallet Prison in Somerset with his team Lost Souls, Adam claims he was possessed by the ghost of a former prisoner who had murdered a pregnant woman.

The train driver described the moment he collapsed, which was caught on camera, as the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to him.

Single Adam said: “I felt like I was going to explode. It was the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life.

“I felt every emotion, I wanted to scream, cry, I was hysterical, I felt like I wanted to hurt someone.

“I felt like someone knocked me out but I was still conscious, one of my legs buckled and the floor was spinning underneath me.

“I wanted to leave but when everyone was dragging me out, they said I was fighting them to stay.

“All I felt was sorrow. I think they were the emotions he was feeling, it hit me like a freight train.”

Shepton Mallet was one of the oldest working prisons in the UK, housing many notorious criminals, with many of its executed inmates are buried in unmarked graves in the grounds.

The prison is renowned for ghostly goings on, with prison officers refusing to work night shifts for fear of seeing deathly figures wandering the corridors and tour guides working at the building – which is set to be turned into flats – more recently refusing to lock up alone.

Adam and a team of ghost hunters had taken 35 members of the public to the prison to conduct a ghostly investigation when a group of them, including Adam, believed they made contact with a male spirit, imprisoned for murdering a pregnant woman.

They were filming on the balcony of the prison’s chapel and about to hold a séance when suddenly Adam collapsed.

Adam said: “We all felt like there was something negative in the atmosphere. It was really bizarre.

“Before the night had begun, we could hear fire alarm was going off so we went round with the caretaker but there was no sign that any of the alarms were going.

“Even the fire alarm company had no indication that the alarm was going off. Looking back, I think that was a warning.

“The man was telling us to leave and I think we annoyed him.”

Adam believes he has been taunted by ghosts ever since he was a child and started ghost hunting earlier this year to find an explanation for the mysterious incidents.

After suffering from panic attacks as a child due to the unexplained happenings, said several times during his working career he has felt spirit presences.

Adam said: “I’ve had weird experiences throughout my life, I was absolutely terrified by the whole lot at first, I used to have panic attacks when I was in primary school.

“When I was a teenager, I had experiences I can’t explain.

“I was sat in my parents’ house once, there was nobody else home and I felt a hand land on my head. It was so prominent that my hair moved.

“I would be on webcam to my friends and they would say ‘who is that? Someone else is in the room’ and it would just be me.

“I used to be a conductor on a train and one day the whole train was empty and out of nowhere a bolt just flew at me, there is nowhere on the train where the bolt could have come from.

“I was driving an empty train into the depot once and it sounded like someone was trying to kick down the door but there was no one there.”

Surprisingly, Adam said his most recent terrifying experience hasn’t put him off hunting for ghosts.

He added: “If I had the option go to back to Shepton Mallet again I would. I’m just glad it happened to me rather than a member of the public

“I feel like I have a lot more experience now, I know what it feels like, so I know what to do if it ever happens to someone else.

“It’s made me stronger and taught me to listen to my own intuition more.”

Ghost hunter Tony Ferguson, 33, from Southampton, Hampshire, captured the footage.

He said: “We had been trying to make contact with the spirits when I suddenly felt the energy change.

“I said ‘it’s the calm before the storm’ as I sensed something very dark and knew something was about to happen in the room.

“Then Adam, one of our members, went down like a tonne of bricks in agony.

“We had to get him out as it got very serious.”