BY Jamie Smith


A dog accidentally photobombed its owners’ pre-wedding photographs – with disastrous results.

These hilarious shots were taken by photographer Nícolas Carrelo Cabral, 27, who was commissioned by a soon-to-be married couple to take photographs of them before their big day

Couple Alfredo Garcia da Silva, 32, and his fiancé Joyce Sabino, 26, brought along their dog Thor to the shoot, who couldn’t resist getting involved in the pre-wedding photoshoot – with a particular part of his anatomy.


What was supposed to be a sweet photograph of the couple, from Campo Grande, Brazil, turned into a very NSFW shot when Thor’s testicles became front and centre of the picture at the perfect moment.

Nicolas, also from Campo Grande, said: “I was hired by Alfredo and Joyce to be their wedding photographer, before the wedding party they decided to register some lovely moments with their dog called Thor and invited me to their home so I could take pictures of them all.

“In the images we see a funny and hyperactive dog playing with his owners during a pre wedding photo shot, which resulted in not conventional photos of all of them together.

“My favourite photo has to be the one where the dog hides Alfredo, his human dad, and looks to me showing his balls – It’s a perfect composition.”

Although the photoshoot didn’t exactly go to plan, Nicolas said what did take place was mirror image of the day itself, and the dog’s fun-loving, hyperactive nature.



He admitted lawyer Joyce and businessman Alfredo were amazed by the pictures – despite them not being suitable to put on the mantlepiece.

Nicolas said: “I felt very happy with the result of the photo shot because the photos portrayed exactly what was going on – a hyperactive and happy dog playing in its own way with its owners.

“The couple were amazed by the pictures.”