Offbeat Video Viral

By Joe McFarlane


A talented cake artist creates mouth-watering sweet treats that are incredible look-alikes for everything from ordinary packets of crisps and cans of drink.

Luke Vincentini, 23, works as a cake artist at the world-famous Carlo’s Bakery in Lanoka Harbor, New Jersey.

Taking inspiration from everyday life, the talented Luke creates delicious cakes that look like ordinary objects such as cups of coffee, soda cans and even a packet of nacho cheese Doritos.

With some of Luke’s creations taking up to 14 hours, his extra-ordinary cakes are certainly labours of love, but it’s all worth it for the reactions he gets to his creative tasty treats.

Luke said: “People’s reactions have been the best part. They usually go nuts but there have been people who say it’s makes them uncomfortable to watch.

“I feel great when finishing a cake. A little relieved too.

“After looking at something for so long, you kind of just start nit-picking every little thing. I totally do that with my cakes but that’s what makes them even more spot on.

“Ironically, I’m not a huge cake person, but people seem to love the taste. You can’t have a great looking cake that isn’t delicious!”