Life Video

By Randal Coombs


A naughty toddler drove her mum nutty by covering her sister and herself in peanut butter.

When Claudia Alonzo, 38, walked into her kid’s bedroom in Indio, California, she was stunned to see three-year-old Julie had made one almighty mess.

Not only had she put a whole covered her own hair with Skippy peanut butter, but her one-year-old sister Dani had also been smeared in the sticky spread.

Oblivious to how much trouble she is in, Julie grins widely as her hands are covered with peanut butter and the near empty jar is next to them both.

Claudia said: “I was in the next room folding clothes and I could hear them giggling and going ‘wow’ and just assumed they were playing with their toys.

“When I started smelling a strong peanut butter smell that’s when I went and checked and big messy surprise.

“The clean up took about an hour.

“I put them both in the tub and refilled about four times because it was so oily I thought I was never going to finish.

“On the bright side their hair was really shiny afterwards.”