Life Video

By Jack Mobley


A US Marine trying to overcome his fear of heights fainted three times on his first skydive.

Eriq Adame is so scared of heights he has never been on a rollercoaster but, deciding to jump in at the deep end literally, he took to skies above Jamul, California, in June.

The 23-year-old faced his fears and leapt out of the plane on tandem dive, but seconds into the freefall he passes out, pulling a hilarious face.

Regaining consciousness, Eriq’s screaming continues, but he passes out a further two more times before he reaches the ground.

Eriq said: “Once I was on the ground, I was just thankful I was alive and that I didn’t wet my pants.

“I’m still trying to get over my fear by going skydiving again.

“I was tired of letting my fear get the best of me and stopping me from living to the fullest.

“I was trying not to think going up to the plane, but once I got on, I started freaking out and just thought about the money I already wasted up to that point and that I just needed to jump.

“I only remember landing on the ground, the blackouts made me forget most of the falling.

“The blackouts felt like I was asleep but waking up from them realising that I’m falling out of the sky was the worst.”