By Keiran Fuller

This giant bullfrog appears to be relaxing in the recent rain fall – until it takes a giant leap towards the unsuspecting cameraman.

Jan-Hendrik Hanekom, 29, was driving a group of students through Namibia’s Erindi Private Game Reserve during an Eco Training course when he came across the giant bullfrog.

Intrigued as to why the frog didn’t immediately jump away, Jan-Hendrick got up close and personal with the seemingly stubborn amphibian.

But suddenly it leaped towards the camera, leaving the group in shock.

Luckily, Jan-Hendrik escaped unharmed and said: “When the bullfrog jumped at me I was so shocked that I swore, I was completely taken aback, especially because I know they can have a nasty bite.

“Afterwards the group and I burst into fits of laughter, we were in disbelief.

“Namibia had just seen its first proper rain fall in two years, and so everything in the bush seemed to come alive that day, especially the bullfrogs.

“Giant male bullfrogs are known for being very aggressive, especially when they have tadpoles to protect, but even so I didn’t expect it to jump out of the water.

“But we took it as a warning and quickly moved on.”