Animals Video

By Jack Mobley


This black cat can easily slip away for some privacy thanks to the expert hiding skills, as it camouflages perfectly against a backpack the same colour.

Adriano Oliveira’s was visiting his father in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal when he noticed that the family cat was nowhere to be seen.

Finally, the cat, Rui, was found sleeping on a jet-black backpack, seamlessly blending with the colour.

The clip only reveals that a Rui is actually on the bag when he looks up with his icy-blue eyes.

Adriano said: “My dad’s cat was sleeping on my backpack, and, from the angle I was looking from, he was completely camouflaged.

“I was completely fooled and this is not the first time, many times we have found him sleeping in placed where he blends in.

“I grabbed my phone and recorded a video from the right angle.”