Video Viral

By Jack Mobley


A sassy six-year-old effortlessly glided on her wake board while knocking out some amazing dance moves.

Clair Hurta has been wakeboarding since she was two years old and in that time, she has mastered he dance move while out on the water.

Mum, Crystal, captured a few moments whilst Clair was tearing it up on Bay City River in Texas.

Dancing along to some of favourite songs with the first being the iconic, ‘Low’ by Flo Rida, Clair rides one-handed and throws her hand around in such a sassy moment.

The next song is the anthemic ‘Devil’ by US hard rockers, Shinedown and as the chorus drops, Clair punches the air and yells the lyrics while she carves it up on her wake board.

Crystal said: “Clair loves all water sports, especially wake boarding, she’s getting so good now.

“When she wakeboards, she has song requests for me to play. Her favourite is ‘Devil’ by Shinedown.

“Everyone on our local river knows Clair Hurta and they stop and watch her wakeboard or surf.

“Her passion for singing and dancing are now a part of her wakeboarding and wake surfing routine.”