By Dan Coles and William Lailey


A dog whose rare condition means she can go out for walks when wearing special dog ‘sunglasses’ is looking for a forever home after being dumped at an animal shelter by her former owners.

Zoey, a five-year-old Akita wears her special ‘doggles’ every time she goes out to play due to a mixture of conditions she suffers with after being saved by an animal sanctuary.

The diva-looking dog can only go outside during the early morning hours or once the sun begins to set due to health conditions that make her eyes very sensitive to daylight.

After being taken into a kennel by his previous owner, she loves nothing more that slipping his favourite shades on and heading outside. She is currently being fostered until she finds her forever home.

The Saving Huey foundation, an animal shelter based in the U.S is offering a lifetime supply of medication to any welcoming home who is happy adopt Zoey and give her a home for life.

Saving Huey Foundation owner, Tracy Lystra, 44, said: Zoe’s conditions include Uveodermatologic Syndrome and Sebaceous Adenitis.


“Zoey’s conditions cause blindness as well as a sensitivity to sunlight.

“Zoey can only be outside during the early morning hours, or once the sun begins to set. She wears Doggles to help protect the pigment around her eyes.

“Zoey has rehabbed around other dogs, including puppies and has done remarkably well.

“She is crate trained and lets her foster know when she has to use the restroom, Zoey loves toys and loves to play tug of war with other dogs or her human.

“She doesn’t get to go outside much because of her conditions, but she loves it, so the ‘doggles’ really do afford her the freedom she deserves, she’s a very loving dog.

“We understand that adopting a dog with Zoey’s condition is going to take a special person as well as a special commitment.

“We will cover all of her medical costs for life, it’s our way of showing our gratitude to the person who chooses to adopt an animal with special needs.

Zoey previously had a loving home until her owner was diagnosed with a terminal illness, which led to her being taken to a kennel with her brother.

Tracy said: “Zoey had an owner who kept her condition under control with medication, her owner fell ill and was hospitalized with a terminal illness.

“Although I do not know the steps that were taken by other family members to help Zoey, I do know that Zoey was not given her medications and was eventually taken to the shelter with her brother in horrific conditions.

“The other dog that was brought in was quickly adopted, leaving Zoey to suffer from a rare condition that few knew about, let alone how to handle.”

Zoey is now looking for her own forever home.

Tracy said: “Zoey is a very loving dog, although she has a lot of health conditions, we hope that there’s a family out there who will be able to commit to giving her the life she deserves.

“We will cover her medical costs for life, and the doggles are of course thrown in with any adoptee willing to help!”