Amazing Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto


A team of scientists have rescued a rare two-headed rattlesnake from certain death in the wild.

Last month, August 25, Dave Schneider and Dave Burkett of environmental consulting company Herpetological Associates went to observe a pregnant rattlesnake in the woods in Burlington Country, New Jersey.

But upon arrival, the scientists could not believe their eyes when they noticed that one of the newborn snakes had two fully developed heads with four eyes and two mouths capable of delivering lethal bites.

They picked up the creature, whose survival in the wild was unlikely due to slowed reflexes caused by the two brains, and named it Double Dave after themselves.

Robert Zappalorti, CEO of Herpetological Associates, said: “Because the snake is handicapped it is probable that it could not survive in the wild and would likely be killed by predators.

“The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection allowed Herpetological Associates to hold the two-headed snake in captivity and try to keep it alive.

“On September 1st, with some help Double Dave has shed its skin.

“This is the only known two-headed timber rattlesnake from New Jersey, and only a few others are known from the United States.

“It is a rare occurrence in nature and HA will make every effort to keep Double Dave alive and healthy in captivity at our research laboratory.”