Amazing Nature Video

By Jack Mobley


The moment an active glacier shed huge pieces of ice has been caught on camera.

Chris Bray was out conducting one of his photography tours in Alaska when they were observing the Chenega Glacier on August 16.

The peaceful scene was perfect for some landscape shots but Chris was focused in and recording the glacier when the loud cracking noise began.

Small pieces began to fall which escalated into larger and larger pieces falling off the glacier.

With birds fleeing, an avalanche of ice suddenly crashed into the ocean creating a huge bow wave effect.

Chris said: “I had been filming this section for a while that looked particularly active and had just given up and lowered my camera when suddenly a small piece started to fall.

“It was amazing to see the ice splintering as it hit the rocks and the huge shockwave created in the water and all the seagulls taking flight.

“There’s no sound on the video, but the explosive force was so loud that I could feel it in my chest.

“When I started filming, I expected it was only going to be that first small piece of ice falling, but as I kept filming, I couldn’t believe it when the entire wall of ice in my frame started to come down.

“I was in a small boat so it was a struggle to hold the camera steady but I really didn’t want to mess up this shot, it was epic!”