Life Video

By Jack Mobley


After spending over two year away from her friends and family travelling across North America, this woman captured every moment she surprised her loved with her homecoming.

Jazmine Winnem left her hometown of Southampton to travel in 2017 and returned sooner than anticipated to surprise her friends and family.

The video shows Jazmine boarding a flight from California to return to Blighty and begins to visit all of her friends.

Not expected home until December, Jazmine’s friends were completely shocked and confused as Jazmine greeted them with hugs.

Jazmine’s mother and grandmother freeze in their shoes when reunited with their loved one.

Jazmine said: “I spent just over two years travelling across Canada solo & then across America solo.

“I contacted the boyfriends/parents of friends/loved ones to make this happen.

“It was a tearful reunion, lots of hugs which were evident!

“I had been away from for almost three years and as much as I enjoyed my travels there’s nothing quite like returning home and putting smiles on the faces of those who mean the most.

“I battled a lot with diagnosed anxiety & depression before I left and now, I am the happiest I have ever been and it’s thanks to my friends and family’s support and the life changing experience I embarked on while travelling solo across Canada and then to America.

“It was great to be reunited, I’ve received messages all throughout my travels of how much my peers envied my experience and just how proud they were of me.”