Offbeat Video

By Neo Bye


A skilled freerunner sprinted up a freestanding ladder before performing a picture-perfect backflip off a tree branch.

Parkour practitioner Ole Morland Johnsen was testing his skills in Hartford, Connecticut, on August 25 when he found a ladder lying around.

With nothing to lean it again, the 19-year-old was not put off and ran almost vertically up the steps, appearing to defy gravity.

Almost reaching the top, he leaps off before the ladder topples, reaching out to a branch and doing a backflip, landing perfectly on to the grass below.

Ole said: “This was the first time I actually jumped off the ladder and grabbed on to a tree.

“I climbed up the ladder and planned to jump down to the ground, but when i was at the top I saw the branch and just jumped for it!

“I knew I would be able to climb the ladder, but when I instinctively grabbed hold of the branch, it felt cool and a bit scary.

“I didn’t know how much weight it could hold but it was a fun experience.”