Amazing Life Video

By Joe McFarlane


A father and son exploration team were more thumbs up than 7up when they discovered hundreds of dollars hidden in an abandoned vending machine.

Rick Langos, 50, owns a demolition company in Port Barrington, Illinois. When a building has been signed over to Rick, everything inside the premises then belongs to him.

Taking his curious son Darick, 20, along to some of the properties, the pair explore every crook and cranny of the buildings hoping to find treasure, and in an abandoned greenhouse, they hit the jackpot.

Using a drill and a dent puller in order to crack into an abandoned soda vending machine, the pair were amazed to discover over $300 hidden away in the dusty machine.

Darick said: “I was extremely surprised; I didn’t expect there to be anything left in a machine that had been abandoned for so long.

“I was also very happy to have a nice little pay day for both me and my Dad.”