Offbeat Video

By Joe McFarlane


Amazing white towers and structures were built as part of an impressive public Lego building expo at the famous London Tate Modern.

Guests were invited to take part in a building exercise using only white blocks in order to create the cities of tomorrow.

With fun and creativity in free flow, amazing towering structures were constructed as visitors from all over the globe took part in the free event.

Robert Allam, 33, who was visiting the expo with his girlfriend was amazed by the communal experience.

Robert said: “The expo gave people an opportunity over three weeks to create what they hope or imagine will be the city of the future.

“The bricks were white for the sake of visual presentation. It was satisfying in a way to have it be monochrome.

“Everyone was free to take part and build using only white pieces. It was like an improvised micro city.

“It was really cool to take part in. It was an interesting experience to see how people came together and build, instead of destroy.”