Offbeat Video

By Jess Grieveson-Smith


Do you remember the Big Yellow Teapot?

Or were you perhaps a frequent visitor to the homes of Polly Pocket and her BFF Lucy Locket?



With the pocket size dolls that had numerous different carnations, and movable elements in their homes, they were a smash hit with 80s and 90s kids.

Now, a museum in Swindon have been inundated with donations after putting out an appeal for the Bluebird toys – and now the collection has been quadrupled in size.

Museum curator Sophie Cummings said, “people seem to find the toys – bought by Mattel in 1998, but originally produced in Swindon – extremely nostalgic.

Sophie added, “I think people have really enjoyed the nostalgia of these 1980s and 1990s toys, which bring back so many great childhood memories and featured on so many Christmas wish lists.

“People had been interested in the connection between Bluebird and Swindon and now, we’ve even had former Bluebird employees sharing their memories of working for the firm.”

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery have since announced that they will be creating a permanent Bluebird Toys display due to the popularity.

Vintage Polly Pockets are among the childhood toys to be going for big bucks – with a Lucy Locket Carry N Play Dream Home selling in 2014 for $399.99 (£264) on Ebay.


Themed versions of the Polly Pocket dolls released in 1996 – which could bend completely in half – such as Disney’s Alice in Wonderland and the Little Mermaid have brought in the most cash being sold together with pristine sets fetching as much as £1,500 on the online auction site.

The Swindon toy display now boasts 19 different toys ranging from the Big Red Fun Bus, Lucy Locket’s Dream Home as well as the iconic Polly Pocket and Mighty Max.

Mighty Max was so popular that it had its own sci-fi and adventure TV series spanning from 1993 – 1994.

Polly Pocket – after having one failed reboot by Mattel, and then eventually reverting back to its usual tiny toy form – spawned her own TV show in 2018 – which has relaunched their popularity all over again.