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By Lucy Notarantonio


A creative mum has launched a product designed to stop tots wriggling around when they are getting their nappy changed.

Whilst Beck Mullally, 36, was pregnant with her second child Neave, now four months, spotted a gap in the market for a product which acts as a restraint for babies under two.

The communication and marketing specialist from Melbourne, Australia, now gives mums and dads the opportunity to change nappies without fuss and to speed up the process.




She said: “We buckle our babies in their car seats and pushchair for safety and to make our lives easier so why should it be any different when changing their nappy.

“Every parent can safely say that changing nappies becomes a complex task once their baby is able to flip onto their stomach and it becomes a major source of frustration.

“When my son Lewis, was nine months old, he would wriggle and roll around like a flailing octopus each time.

“I started to look for a product that would help and was surprised when I couldn’t find anything – I really wanted to work on something whilst on maternity so this seemed to be the perfect product.

“My product is an effective solution as the adjustable fabric belt acts like a second pair of hands.

“Changing your baby’s nappy is just another thing that stops you from getting out of the door but now I hope to make it easier for mums.

“I have seen a lot of memes which refer to mums as crocodile Dundee when trying to change their baby and I couldn’t agree more, but now parents can do it with ease.

“There is also a toy attached to distract their little one which Is also a great help.”

Beck spent 12 months trialling her product and finding the appropriate material and manufacturers in China.

She launched Wrigglebum this January and has been told it is ‘life changing’ by reviewers.

She adds: “It is great because you can take the strap anywhere and it fits on most tables or if you are visiting someone’s house without a table, you can strap it around a pillow or large cushion.

“As long as there is something there with the same width then it will limit babies rolling.

“It must be fastened around the top of the baby’s chest for it to be super effective, it has made changing my children’s nappies so much easier.”