By Niamh Shackleton


A woman saved a cat with Down’s Syndrome from being put down after discovering the kitten wandering around in the street.

Lori Farris, 50, from Florida, USA, came across Willow, now two, and was warned by vets an animal shelter may have put her down for not being ‘pretty’.

Lori, a special needs teacher, said: “One day when I left a student’s house there was a tiny, dirty kitten on the doorstep and she followed me to my car.

“I took her home and cleaned her because she had fleas and a bloody nose.

“When I took it to my vet a few days later and learned that it was a five week old little girl.

“The poor thing had eye infections, fleas and intestinal parasites but he vet thought she seemed healthy other than her face and mouth – she said it was like feline Down Syndrome.

“The vet said that the shelter would surely euthanize her since she wasn’t ‘pretty’ so I decided to keep her.”

Willow, who was named after the street she was found on, is now living her best life with Lori, and her canine best friend Ella the boxer dog.

Lori added: “Ella and Willow got on from the day they met.

“When I first brought Willow to the house, Ella was so interested by her and eventually built up the courage to come see her.

“Willow gave her a bit of a swipe and a playful bite, and they have been inseparable ever since.

“They eat together, play together and even sleep together.”

The quirky cat boasts 136,000 followers on her Instagram page which largely consists of Willow sporting various different flower cats.

Lori said: “Willow loves wearing her different flower hats and her Instagram has had a great response.

“I think people like her because she’s a symbol of love, kindness and being beautiful even though looking different.