By Joe McFarlane


A monstrous Alligator gave up the meat to divulge his sweet tooth by crushing a giant watermelon in a terrifying display of power.

Bomber the Alligator is a true prehistoric beast, measuring 13.5 feet and weighing in at a whopping 800 pounds.

But the giant reptile clearly seems to be watching his weight as he swapped out his regular meal of meat for the healthier, vegetarian option of a sweet watermelon.

Waiting patiently in the main Alligator lagoon at St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park, Florida, on August 7, Bomber was thrown a sizeable watermelon that he impressively crushed into tiny pieces with his 3000 pound force bite.

Social media manager for the park, Jen Brueggen, said: “Bomber is an American alligator, and he is the alpha male of the group.

“For Croc Week, we wanted to show off the amazing bite force of Crocodilians. Bomber is a great Alligator for demonstrating this with a watermelon because he will use his full force.”