By Michael Scott

This harassed macaques monkey was definitely not holding back when he saw a photographer loitering.

Clearly unimpressed the monkey appears to be giving a middle finger salute in the photo was captured in Jigokudani Monkey Park, Japan.

It was caught by keen photographer Linda Oliver, 54, from Queensland, Australia.

Pic by Linda Oliver/Caters News 

But Linda is not so sure its a rude gesture, she said: “I’d like to think this macaque was giving us all this specific message – but I think it probably had an injured finger.”

“I think the macaques are very aware that they are the centre of attention and watch us as much as we watch them.”

The environmental scientist, who has had an interest in wildlife photography from a young age added: “I thought I know how you feel… not only the monkeys felt harassed.”

“It was pretty crowded at times with people pushing in and shoving each other.”

“I was there for two days so had plenty of time to sit back and wait, but some people only seemed to come for a short visit and wanted to get close to the macaques.”

Let’s just say we can all get a little cranky when someone is in our personal space!