By Jack Mobley


Kanye West has apparently been caught digging around in his own ear then eating his own ear wax.

The bizarre clip was captured by photographer, Jorge Castro, at Kanye West’s Sunday Service on August 25 in Dayton, Ohio.

The short video sees superstar Yeezy seemingly picking in and around his ear before putting whatever he collected into his mouth.

The clip has blown up on social media with millions of views as Kanye committed such an apparently gross act.

Jorge said: “When I first got to the service it was packed but I managed my way up to the front and take several videos and pictures.

“My first reaction when I was at the service was just “wow Kanye is right in front of me” so I didn’t even realise what was happening.

“I didn’t even notice what was going on until some of my friends asked why I didn’t post Kanye eating his earwax video.

“The reaction online has been a straight wildfire with no stop in the near future.”