By Joe McFarlane


A rare bioluminescent phenomenon lights up the night-time waters, creating a beautiful and memorable kayaking experience.

Between June and October of each year, the waters of the Indian River Lagoon in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, Florida, glow a beautiful blue in the night-time, creating a serene and dream-like glassy service for kayakers to glide across.

The rare, natural phenomenon occurs due to millions of microscopic Plankton which light up in the water.

Whenever the Plankton interact with a paddle, a Fish, a Dolphin or a Manatee, they will light up.

Owner and operator of Get Up And Go Kayaking, Justin Buzzi, 28, regularly paddles over the night-time lights.

Justin said: “There is little-to-no artificial light in the Wildlife Refuge as it is over 120,000 acres with only a couple of scattered buildings in it. This means it gets really dark at night-time.

“It is an unbelievable feeling and experience. Your eyes are amazed and being able to reach out and play with the bioluminescent Plankton is truly unreal.”