Animals Video

By Aliki Kraterou


The super-classy pup seems like doesn’t want to get its paws dirty so he wees standing up.

Valya, a 9- year- old half Pomeranian cracks up his owner every time he needs to wee as has a really funny way of doing it.

His owner, Jay Wagner, 30, a programmer, captured the hilarious moment on the 29th of August at his house in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Jay says that Valya doesn’t do it all the time- however he has been doing it since he was a pup.

Jay said: “He hasn’t always been like this-I think it depends on his mood and how much he wants to piss.

“The first time I saw him doing it I thought ‘wow, I have a dog acrobat’.

“My friends are thrilled, they think it’s hilarious.”