By Neo Bye


This is the awkward moment a bride accidentally threw her wedding bouquet into a chandelier.

As Paige Dalton and her new husband Mike celebrated their nuptials on July 27, the blushing bride prepared to launch her bouquet to a waiting throng of female guests.

With them all on tenterhooks in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Paige launches the flowers high into the air as auntie Pamela Kok watches on.

Unfortunately, the bouquet doesn’t find its intended target, instead landing in a stunning chandelier above all of their heads, eventually causing damage to a foot-sized section.

Pamela said: “I was so surprised and laughed my head off like everyone else who witnessed the bouquet being thrown into the chandelier.

“It was so funny to see the bride, her bridesmaid, the single ladies and everyone else’s reactions to what just happened.

“I had the best seat in the house, and I was so happy to catch it on video as not everyone saw what happened.

“Paige’s bridesmaid just turned to go and get her own bouquet without hesitation and it couldn’t have turned out more perfect.

“It was funny when the DJ asked if Paige wanted to throw a baseball next.”