Animals Video

By David Aspinall

If you’re ever feeling sad this adorable dog knows exactly how to cheer you PUP by giving some awesome hugs.

Loving Larkin, three, demonstrated his cuddling skills with owner Mallory Coleman at her home in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

When Mallory bent down to kiss the pooch, Larkin moved his front leg from under her arm and placed it on her shoulder for an embrace.

To demonstrate his squeezing skills, he then replicated the process a further two times much to the delight of their surrounding family.

Mallory said: “Larkin is the cuddliest dog you will ever meet.

“He is constantly showering the family with affection.


“He has hugged us before but this was the first time he repeatedly hugged.

“The third time I went in to hug him he seemed to hesitate as he was probably tired of constantly amusing me.

“But once I told him I loved him he immediately responded by hugging me right back.”

Mallory’s parents rescued Larkin from a local shelter when he was just 14 weeks old.

Mallory said: “People always say that dogs adopt the personalities of their owners and this is true of Larkin.

“My parents raised him and have demonstrated nothing but love and affection to others as well as to Larkin.

“It does not surprise me that he has grown up