Amazing Animals

By Kristiana Hall

An orangutan has been snapped playfully rolling around in the sun.

The photographer, who wished not to be named, snapped the images last week at the Paignton Zoo, In Devon.

The clever prime ape was full of beans as he rolled around on the floor, blissfully unaware he was being photographed by on-lookers the entire time.

The hairy ape didn’t seem to have any concern for looking photogenic for the camera, and just like any of the humans taking the photos, made the most of a rare occasion when the sun beams down on the UK.

The photographer said: “I, along with lots of visitors was very amused at the young Orangutans playful nature, he was just like a child.

“Juvenile Orangutans often ‘roly poly’ as a way of locomotion around the islands, the images show her upside down and mid roll.”