By Randal Coombs


A quirky maid of honour stole the show when she turned up to her sister’s wedding dressed in a T-Rex costumer.

When Deanna Adams, 40, and her 34-year-old fiancé Joby tied the knot on August 10 in Omaha, Nebraska, they didn’t think there would be much to overshadow their big day.

Enter sister of the bride Christina Meador, 38, who came walking through the house wearing one of the inflatable dinosaur costumes.

Standing on the edge of the wedding party, the guests burst out laughing, including Jessica Greene who filmed.

Jessica said: “Deanna, told her bridesmaids that they could wear whatever they’d like for the ceremony.

“Christina jokingly responded with a picture of the dinosaur costume and surprisingly the bride said she’d be okay with it.

“Deanna is the coolest, nerdy girl gamer ever, and she and Joby are just a really silly, easy going couple.

So, I think the addition of a dino in her otherwise pretty traditional wedding, was really the perfect quirky touch.

“Christina planned on giving the costume as a wedding gift, which probably sounds odd to anyone that doesn’t know them, but really it’s so perfect for them.”